Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap-Up
Snuggling on my laptop keyboard, my cat Sundae purred happily having found the warmest place in the house. Even after she burned up the video card and the screen went blank she still sat cozily. It's been a slow bloggy week without a computer and I've managed to dim the creeping anxiety from the work I'm unable to accomplish.  Jumping on John's laptop I'm here to break my silence (like anyone actually wondered...hmmm, where is she?)

 I've reflected a lot on watching Josh Cox break his american record last week and have mixed feelings.  On one hand, I'm extremely motivated to run and my tempo run on Monday went well.  On the other hand, its discouraging because I'll never be able to run remotely as fast as the elites and can't even manage one mile at their marathon paces.

Monday- 3 mile tempo run. Total 6 mile run.  The paces were good, between 7:30-7:40.
Tuesday- Track 800,600,400,200 x 3. Goal was 5K pace of 7:00, managed about 7:10's.
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 10 miles at South Mountain. This is my second week running South Mountain and although I had a hard time catching my breath trying to keep up with Gerald, we did the 5 miles uphill in 45 minutes and downhill in 36:45. This is an improvement from last week (although last week I ran further and adjusted my pacing accordingly)
Friday - Rest
Saturday- 19 miles avg 8:56 pace. The last 5 miles were challenging and overall I'm disappointed in my pace. 2 weeks ago I ran 18 at 8:43 pace.  Part of the pace slowness is starting at 5am and running most of the miles in the dark. While the canal surface to great to run on, the dips and unevenness in the dark makes me worry about my foot placing.
Sunday- Last week I told a co-worker about Silent Sunday at South Mountain where the road is closed to traffic and its a great hill workout. I wasn't expecting her to actually take me up on it and I didn't look at my running schedule to see that I was running 19 miles the day before.  On Friday when she said she had arranged for her husband to watch the kids and was looking forward to the run, I couldn't back out.  Paying attention to the 10% rule I knew I could fit 6 miles into the schedule.

Total Miles 46.82 - This is the most miles I have ever run in a single week. 
Eating: C - Mornings are ok and then immediatly after lunch I'm hungry and go downhill.  If I eat something sweet then it's all over and I gorge on other sweets.  I did manage to have only 2 chai teas this week...well 3 if you count today's.  I think its a dumb rule I've made up about the chai teas. But if I'm going to lose weight (which is going rather slowly), I need to watch the empty liquid calories.  I didn't log my food everyday.

Core: B - planks, monster walks and one mountain climber.  I can feel my lower back and form collapsing this week. If I increase the core, it should help with this.

Goals for next week: Monster walks everyday this week.


The Green Girl said...

It always makes me giggle when I read your workouts and then I see your name 'Lazy Bones Running'. You are so not lazy!

I'm sorry you had that unexpected friend ready to go for a run but I'm glad it all worked out.

Anonymous said...

Super job this week. Congrats on the new weekly mileage PR!

Anonymous said...

Monster walks? Please share!

Marci said...

Good job with your mileage PR this week!