Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running Challenge Question-Do you chafe and what do you do for it?

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Do you chafe, where at and what do you do for it?

The challenge with this question is it feel so personal, which it certainly can be.  The areas I've heard of people chafing are nipples, thighs, under the arms, the butt and private parts. I chafe underneath my arms on the long runs. I won't wear shirts with a lot of seams because that aggravates it. I used to think the chafing would only occur if I wore shirts without sleeves and the skin rubbed together.  Glide didn't work but Aquafor did wonders.  Now, even shirts (tech shirts) cause chafing and Aquofor doesn't help as much.  At the PF Changs expo I purchased TriSlide and it helps but it still isn't fool proof.  John suggested to go with the old fashioned bandaids. So what about you?

Happy Running!


Jim ... 50after40 said...

Privates and nipples on long runs, I've had the best luck with BodyGlide. I've also used a Bees Wax product, but it stains clothing pretty bad.

Jamoosh said...

I use Sports Shield "below the belt" and nip guards on long runs.

Giorgio said...

I always use vaselin ointment, particularly in summer time.

Black Knight said...

Only during long runs in summer. I have found a good italian product with aloe.

The Green Girl said...

So far, my only 'hot spot' is my feet.

::knocks on wood::

Anonymous said...

Privates & nipples