Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest Blogger - Tips for Running Boston from Gideon

After getting great tips from Jason about running Boston, I asked my friend Gideon, who was a guest blogger last year, to also give tips for running Boston.  Thanks Gideon for the awesome information.

A few tips I learned from running Boston in 2010:

1. Be patient! - The wait to get a bus to Hopkinton was 1+ hours, the bus ride was 1.5 hours and the wait at Hopkinton was almost 2 hours.  Don't overdo drinking before the bus ride as it will make for an uncomfortable ride.
2. Bring food - Most marathons end by the time Boston starts, so you will get hungry waiting and running (especially smelling all the wonderful cook outs the residents have along the course).
3. Hope you are ok with crowds - Simple math; 26,000 runners packed on a rural street only 22 feet wide for several miles is like a school of fish in wicking clothes!  You can waste a lot of energy weaving around runners, so stay in your pace and try to avoid the weaves.
4. H20 stops are on both sides of the road; if you miss 1 on the left, 1 on then right will be up shortly.
5. The crowds are very vocal - if you want to draw attention to yourself, wear a Red Sox, Patriots or Boston College shirt (or tape your name on your shirt).  Likewise, if you like to be yelled at while racing, wear a Yankee's t-shirt...
6.  Post race food is skimpy - chips, piece of fruit, water and something else I can't recall; smarter idea is to pack something you like to eat and place it in your gear check bag.
7.Lastly, soak everything in - the crowds, historic buildings, banter with other racers, atmosphere, and nuances of the course - the left turn on Boylston to the finish line is very memorable and vivid for me; appreciate it as you earned it!!  

And it's ok to wear your medal the rest of the day :-)

Gid Oswitch
Kent, Ohio  


Ewa said...

It is OK to wear your medal for the rest of the year.

Black Knight said...

Boston... only a dream for me.
Beautiful list.

chris mcpeake said...

great tips .. even if I am not doing boston this year

blessedagape said...

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