Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Are there any grits with us today?  asked the tour guide


Every store in Charleston and Savannah sells grits, the restaurants serve grits and cookbooks offering a gazillion grit recipes grace the store front windows.  My boyfriend keeps nagging me if I've eaten shrimp and grits and the answer is a resounding no. Grits are ok, but nothing that I sit around craving.  Hmmm, I'm hungry and would love to eat some grainy grits right about now.

Grits, as the tour guide explained, are Girls Raised in the South. I'm far from being a grit and have a hard time understanding some words with the thick southern accent.
Redneck wind chimes

Ironwork gate

I love the lanterns accenting the houses and their shutters

Pineapple fountain
On the running front, on Sunday after 1.5 miles of dead ends, I found a bike trail and got in a 7 mile run.  The first half mile my calf was tight but loosened up and although the hammy had a "sensation" throughout the day, it is all good.  Today I ran 8 miles and loved the run looking at the back yards of the houses, which have no back fences.  The weather is awesome and I'm off for another day playing tourist.


Kittee said...

I'm not a fan of grits either.

Looks like your getting in some good runs.

Fair Weather Runner said...

i like how grits are also called polenta... somehow that makes them seem more appealing? enjoy being a tourist!

Adrienne said...

Ooooh. Looks so green and lush there. Grits are not a favorite of mine either but I'll take all the other fried food southern cooking please :)! Enjoy your trip.

The Path Traveled said...

I love grits! I love egg and grit casserole! I was raised on eggs and grits. Your run sounds fun today and enjoyable.

Giorgio said...

What a beautiful photo of you near the Pineapple fountain!

I've never run along the back yards of the houses :) I'm glad that the weather was sunny! Enjoy your time in Charleston and Savannah!

Johann said...

It's amazing but even here in South Africa the people from the South (Cape) have a totally different accent to what we have up North. Enjoy playing tourist!

Ewa said...

No grits for me, thank you very much, but pineapples, sure, anytime.

lindsay said...

I'm born/raised SC but never had grits! (However my dad is from NYC and my mom overseas so...)

Glad you are having (had?) a good trip down south!

Glenn Jones said...

I loved visiting Charleston! And I love grits (the hominy kind) too!

Black Knight said...

Here grits (polenta) is a typical food of northern Italy.
Those places look very beautiful.
Enjoy your time in Charleston and Savannah.
I visited both the cities in 1999, long time ago .... and after we went to Virginia for the 4th of july.