Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Blogger Format. Yay or Nay?

Those of you using Blogger, what are your thoughts on the new format?  I like how it looks but have trouble figuring out some basics like creating a new post.  It took me a couple tries before I found the NEW button to get to a posting page.  I don't always handle change quickly and it takes me a bit to figure out changed programs.

One thing I wish Blogger had was a format painter.  In Microsoft Word and Excel you can highlight a word, click format painter which copys the format (color, font, style) of the word and then copy it to another section.  Blogger doesn't handle formatting well when copy/pasting and having a format painter would be awesome.
I'm also running out of picture space on web picasa which is making me quite stingy with my picture management.  I didn't realize that Blogger saves all the pictures on the web and that uses up my free space.  I'm almost out of space and can buy more space (which takes the FREE out of having a blog), switch to Word Press (which I've been considering anyways but will eventually have the same issue) or even deleting pictures (which I really don't want to do).  Blogger also doesn't handle moving pictures well.  I don't know how many times I try and add a picture and it places it somewhere else and I have to fight with it to move it.

I really like the stats feature of Blogger.  Seeing what posts are popular is interesting to me and what countries people arrive from makes me feel like maybe I do have something to say that others find interesting.  
From an older post (don't want to do a new pic and take up valuable space)

What do you like most about Blogger?  What do you like least?  What tips and tricks do you have for Blogger?

Happy Running...or maybe I should say happy blogging


Johann said...

I'm fairly happy with blogger, but maybe because I don't know enough about Word Press or whatever else is out there. I use Windows Live Writer to create my posts and then upload to blogger. The editor from blogger is not great.

Jamoosh said...

I'll buy this new format for now.

Black Knight said...

Any change for me it's a nightmare. The last time I needed a couple of hours before understanding the new blogger.

lindsay said...

It takes me a bit to adjust as well, but so far so good, I guess. Blogger was overall easier for me to learn when I started blogging so I picked it over wordpress. Not sure if I will stick around when they change to Google Blogs (or whatever they're calling it).

As for the stats - you can tie google analytics to your site and get the same data. So if you do ever leave blogger you'll still see the data.