Friday, August 5, 2011

Cat Lady?

How many cats does someone have before they become cat lady? My boyfriend insists at 2 cats I've turned into cat lady where when I die they will eat my eyes and body to save themselves.  I've had 2 cats for years but have recently taken in another cat temporarily.

My parents, who live in Arizona, have decided snowbirds live a better life and flocked up to Denver to live with my brother, wife and their two children and escape the Arizona scorching heat.  Originally my parents asked me to take Fritz, the 24 year old cockatiel whose squaking pushes even the most patient person to the edge to near murder.  Luckily for my sanity the bird settled at my brother's house where they already have a menagerie of animals. What's one more bird to add to the aviary?
Nugget, 18 year old male Tabby/Siamese
Fluffy, the cat (what else would a cat be called), was going to travel by car up to Denver with my parents.  When my parents came home to suffer in the heat for a week, I was shocked that Fluffy was at the house. Even though my parents had been home for 4 days, she was still starved for attention.  Meow, meow, meow she cried out pushing against my legs.  With my best puppy dog love eyes I begged John if we could take her home with us.  It's unfair for the cat to live by itself for the next two months with someone briefly stopping in to dump food in her bowl.
Sundae, 10ish yr old female,
The very first act of appreciation Fluffy showed was peeing up and through the vents in the carrying case all over the inside of my car door and my leg.  How a girl kitty can take aim, fire and hit her target while in a cat carrying case is bound to be a feat of excellence for the Guinness Book of World Records.   Once home and settled in our guest bathroom she and my two cats, Sundae and Nugget, learned about each other smelling under the door. I locked up the other set to let Fluffy roam and stretch her legs. The next act of appreciation Fluffy showed was purring, rubbing my hand and then biting if my hand petting skills weren't fast enough.  She was allowed out of the bathroom one night but when she bit me in the eyebrow at 3am because she wanted attention her new permanent nighttime sleeping room was the bathroom and not the bedroom.
Fluffy, newest addition, you can't see it in this pic but she has blue eyes
Almost two weeks later Sundae still hisses and Nugget avoids Fluffy but Fluffy comes out of the bathroom to socialize and most importantly uses her litter box.  Nugget may be stressed as he spends all his days laying on the closet floor, has stopped eating and I think he has poopy butt (if it's not him then it's Sundae).  It may not be stress though since he has hyperthyroidism and is18 years old.  I have a vet appointment on Sunday to get him checked out and more blood work.  Despite that, I feel the adjustment is going well and I could easily have three cats and still not be considered cat lady.

This post was inspired by Fair Weather Runner who talked about her dog attended doggy school at doggy day care.


Sarah Heinle said...

You only have two. You are just sweet enough to take on Fluffy too. I don't think you are the cat lady. :) I hope Nugget is okay. Hugs to you and the cats.

Black Knight said...

Beautiful post. I love animals and pets. This is a cats-house. We had one devon rex cat (or better the devon rex cat had a human family), when he left after 8 years we got another devon rex: Gioconda. But few months later a lady cat decided to gave birth to 5 babies in our garden. Now we have at home 2 of those babies and Gioconda. In the garden the divorced mom and the other 3 sons + one homeless.
Have a good week end and if you want one cat more please make me a call, the adoption is easy!

misszippy said...

I think you're still in the clear when it comes to being a cat lady! Nugget is sure a beauty--hope he calms down.

Johann said...

Very nice! No, not cat lady yet. Beautiful cats, all of them. We have 3 cats and 4 dogs plus dozens of fish.

LookingUpAgain said...

You're only a crazy cat lady if you start having conversations with them, obsessively show their pictures to coworkers/strangers, and wear cat-themed clothing.

But we'll love you anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Three = cat lady.

Four = crazy cat lady!