Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's a Race You're Supposed to Push Yourself

At start of the race. It was nippy but not too cold.
The kind hearted volunteer sitting in the chair saw how I was struggling and said you're at 11.5.  Don't push yourself.  I called back. " It's a race you're supposed to push yourself."  She said yes, it's a race but well don't kill yourself.

I wish I could say I was pushing myself at the Crater Lake Rim Run 13 mile race. I started too fast, felt great on the downhills and faltered at 9.5 to the end on the hills. I ran/walked the last 3 miles up the hill and had zero mental toughness. Thoughts such as I never want to run this race again and I never want to run again crossed my mind. Each time I was passed, which was a lot the last 3 miles, I deflated a little more and wish I would have just dug deep and really pushed it.

Before the tough didn't get going, I was enjoying myself.  This race is the prettiest I've ever run and the weather was perfect. The race is limited to 500 people for the 4 races, 6.7 run, 6.7 race walk, 13 mile and marathon distances.  Having run the race last year I recognized a couple people and noticed there are a ton of marathon manics that run the race. It seemed like every other person had the yellow marathon manic tank top on.  Then there were a handful that had their Boston gear on (me included).
Ribbon for 2nd in my age group
Despite my disappointment of not digging deep and falling apart, I still ran under 2 hours (1:58:09) and got 2nd in my age group.  John got first in his age group but they made a mistake and put him as second in the younger age group.  He rocked it and ran faster than last year.

Happy Running!


Giorgio said...

Congrats for the Crater Lake race where you both were 2nd in your age group. I'm sorry for the mistake.
Nice photo of you!

Ewa said...

Just running in this beautiful place is a treat (I LOVE Crater Lake).
You got 2nd in your age group! WOW! Enjoy your success!

Jillrunsforsanity said...

Congratulations on your age group award. That's awesome!

Natalia said...

So your awesomeness continues! Congrats on your AG win - nicely done. And what a great pic of you guys......

Jamoosh said...

Age Group Winner has to count for something.

Remember every race is different and enjoying the scenery can be part of it.

Fast or slow - you got it done and that's what counts.

Johann said...

Well done, sub 2 hours is still great! Congrats on your age group placings, mistake and all. That looks like a beautiful race. Have a good week!

Black Knight said...

On the podium! Congrats.
Sorry for the mistake but it means that John looks younger!
Beautiful pictures of you both.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

seriously the pictures are just amazing, I would love to come run that... i mean it might kill me since miami is so flat but how BEAUTIFUL!!

way to go on the age group, that is always SO exciting!!!

Adam said...

Ouch. I think we've all had races like that - where we go out too fast and have to run/walk it in. Not fun at all. BUT, you learned something and will live to run another day!