Monday, November 28, 2011

Anthem Turkey Trot

I love the race graphics
Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a Turkey Trot. Living in Phoenix there were 4 trots to choose from. Mesa and Anthem were a 10K, Peoria a 10 miler and Phoenix was a 5K. Even though Mesa is my favorite, I chose Anthem because it wasn't quite as far of a drive and I had to drive to Mesa later the day for Thanksgiving.

Turkey Trot's have later starts and this was no different starting at 8:45am. This gave me time to sleep in, buy the coveted newspaper with all the ads and have a leisurely morning and race warm-up. The course was a double loop course (once for the 5K) and the first part climbed uphill and second part downhill (amazing how that works...what goes up, must come down).

I ran well and finished strong with an unofficial 47:57.  When the results were printed and posted I wasn't listed.  I trotted over to the timing trailer and asked if I should be concerned I wasn't listed.  He asked my time and said No, he had a gap and as filling it in. My guess is because the 5K and 10K ran together, I was probably classified under the 5k race.

Bottle of wine and T-shirt (there were pink shirts for girls but I'm not a pink type of gal and opted for the dark grey)
Looking over the results that were printed, I figured I had a good chance for an age group award. I almost checked with the announcer before he started the awards to make sure the times looked right but thought naaa, this is what he does.  Of course he would have the current, correct results. You guessed it, he read my age group awards and the winning time was 49 something.  I went up and explained that my time was faster and I was left off the initial results. Another lady in the age group said the same thing and a 15 year old also chimed in. The announcer made it right by announcing our names and we got our bottle of wine.  For once, I feel like I'm in Europe getting a bottle of wine like Black Knight and Giorgio.

I left after getting my award but felt sorry for the announcer.  All the age group awards would be messed up since there was a gap around the 48 minute mark.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and ate lots of fantastic food. I know I did.

Happy Running!


robinbb said...

Congrats on your age group award! Love the bottle of wine.

Black Knight said...

Thank you for the kind mention. You are fast and you deserve many bottles of wine. 47:57 is a wonderful finishing time, congrats.
Come to race here, a lot of wine is waiting for you!

Giorgio said...

Congrats for the first place in your age group! Enjoy the red wine :) I agree about the colour of the T-shirt, grey is better than pink.

P.S.: I'm now in the Black Knight's office and he says "Hi" to you!

Falconer said...

Congrats Christina.
Nice shirt. You did the right thing by speaking up after the work you put in. You deserved the bottle of wine and recognition. As the other commentators have are fast.