Friday, December 9, 2011

Olympic Athletes Participate in Extra Curricular Activities

While reading an article on The Sun website about the luxuriousness digs for the 2012 Olympians in the Olympic Village, an out of context sentence caught my eye.
Athletes in the village will share two to a room so they can get to know each other as well as they want — at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Games organisers provided 100,000 condoms for the competitors.
At Sydney in 2000, they apparently provided only 70,000 — and had to order in an extra 20,000. 
It's not yet known how many condoms the London 2012 organisers are planning to give out...

There are over 10,000 athletes that participate in the games which means each competitor is allocated almost 10 condoms a person.  Are they there to compete in their sport or to compete in how many one night stands they can have?  I'm sure the distribution of the condoms is also for the coaches, trainers, etc and not strictly for the athletes.

It makes me realize though how naive I am to think the athletes go there just to compete. After the competition (or maybe before as well), it must be one heck of a party.

Happy Running!


Black Knight said...

I also thought that the athletes go there to compete in their sport but now I know that there is another kind of olympic competition.

Teamarcia said...

Geez 10?? Are you kidding me? Speechless!

Her Name Is Rio said...

I've heard of the hook up phenomenon in past Olympic Villages. It's amazing that they can focus on their event at such a high level and their "game" at the same time!