Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting My Day in Court

I won!
I should be happy!
Even Ecstatic!

But for any winner, there is someone who isn't so happy.
It's not a good day for them.
And frankly, besides being glad that the day is over and the judgement was in my favor,
it's not a good day for me either.

As a landlord, there are difficult decisions to be made when someone doesn't abide by the rules.
The number one rule is pay rent and hopefully pay it on time as well.

But even if you can't pay it on time,
pay a little.
Pay Something!
Make an effort to say YES.
Yes, you do want to live there and don't expect to live for free.
Don't blame the landlord for filing for an eviction after you pay zip.
After you miss all the dates you said you would pay something.
Don't push and put the landlord in a position where there are no more choices.

It's not easy being a landlord knowing that you have no place to go.
That your kind heart which takes in and cares for pets has no place to go.
I know you're good people.
And so am I.
It's not personal.
I wish you luck and I'm sorry our relationship had to end this way.


Robin said...

Remember, being a Landlord is business, not personal. Keep that in your head, it won't make it easier but it does take some of the sting off.

Anonymous said...

Ah, bummer. That is a difficult situation - and it costs so much to evict and go through the court process! I have friends who rent out and things can get so ugly. People have trashed the houses before they left. I just can't believe that someone is willing to blame the landlord for all their problems. You are a good person! Don't let any a-hole make you feel differently, because of their lack of integrity.