Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finally A Track and Field Hall of Fame

Thursday, March 8th, marked a monumental event in the world of track and field.  The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) created a Hall of Fame.  Yes, track and field was slow to bat in setting up a hall of fame when almost every other sport like underwater basket weaving has one.

The IAAF is celebrating their centennial year making more of a presence including announcing the hall of fame. With 100 years under it's belt with track and field, the number of hall of fame members must be high.  After 100 years of accomplishments of winning olympics, being the first woman to run in track, breaking world records, being a positive influence to the running community there must be many, many newly announced members.


The qualifications to gain entry are so far fetched the people on the organizing committee for the hall of fame should be checked for mental illnesses.  To be in the hall of fame you have to have

1. You must have won two gold medals, in either Olympics or World Championships.
2. You must also have set at least one world record.

Many runners had great accomplishments within track and field but don't meet those criteria.

  • Kathrine Switzer, who started breaking down the male/female barriers for the marathon during the time when the uterus may fall out.
  • Frank Shorter, who had a major impact on the world of running and won the 1972 olympics will not gain a spot.
  • Paula Radcliffe may get into the Hall of Fame if she wins gold in London.
  • Roger Bannister who broke the 4 minute mile (3:59.4 in 1954)
  • Jenn Suhr setting the 16ft American Pole vaulting record in February 2012 (frame video)
This group of people and MANY, MANY more, who are judged outstanding will not make it into the hall of fame because of the ridiculous requirement.  Remember, this is the same organization that was going to take away Paula Radcliffe's marathon world record because it was a mixed race.


lindsay said...

May as well not have a hall of fame... Gold medals don't define worthiness!

Black Knight said...

I am wordless......