Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cleaning up Labels in Blogspot

Signing up for the blogathon made me think about my blog format. I realized my blog labels were all over the place and decided to streamline them. Cleaning up almost 500 blog posts with blogger is no easy feat.  The programmers and designers of blogger must not actually use the feature to change labels because the pull down menu's, and lack of clearing the checked boxes makes this very cumbersome.

After inadvertently applying labels to the wrong blogs or removing labels from the correct blogs, I learned to select all labels, check the box to select all posts, then remove the check mark and finally refresh the screen.  Not doing those steps leads to higher probability of making errors.  When I first started my blog, I loved the label cloud and how the more occurences make the font size bigger. Now I switched to a single column format for my labels.

I recommend for any new blogger to write down the labels, the main categories, they want to use. Limiting the labels will streamline the number of categories listed on your side bar making it easier for the audience to maneuver through the blog. More isn't necessarily better.

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