Monday, August 20, 2012

International Flag of Friendship

With the American flag pinned to my leg, I carried it 13 miles around the Crater Lake Rim. The international flag of friendship, started by Johann in South Africa, back in February 2011 he posted
I’ve been thinking about a big flag with small flags from various countries on it for some time now and decided I can just as well start it with this little flag. I then decided as this flag went through a race with me why not cover a big flag with small flags that were carried through races?

My idea is to create the International Running flag of Friendship. This would be a white flag covered with small flags that were carried in races by anyone that would like to get their name on the flag like this:
When the flag was first announced I wanted to run with it, shortly after it starting its journey it went to the USA, and I figured my chances were slim. After all, there are so many USA runners that are Johann groupies, the probability seemed slim I would get it.  When my Italian friend Giorgio asked me if he could send the flag to me I was flattered.  Of course!

Here are the countries the flag has traveled to:
South Africa (twice)
Australia (with a cute vegemite pin)
USA (three times)
Italy (twice)

Here are the rules (easy peasy)
  1. Someone will nominate you to be the next person to receive the International Running Flag of Friendship. You are free to decline in which case the person will nominate someone else.
  2. Decide which small flag of your countrystateprovincefamilysports team or whatever you want to add to the big flag(banner).
  3. Carry the small flag of your choice during a race or run. You don’t have to carry it in your hand and can even have it in your pocket or backpack.
  4. Take photos of the event and small flag.
  5. Attach the small flag to the big flag(banner). Don't worry about a pro job. We are not giving points for the best sewing or cleanest flag. Mine still carries the battle scars from the Odyssey Ultra Johann carried it in.
  6. Write your name underneath the small flag.
  7. Take photos of the big and small flag and your name.
  8. Nominate the next person.
  9. Send the big flag to the next person who does the same until the flag(banner) is full.
  10. The last person will (must please) return the flag(banner) to Johann
  11. Johann will carry and/or display the flag at chosen events I participate in.
You don’t have to carry the big flag during a race or run. You only carry the small flag of your choice and then attach this to the big flag with your name underneath.

The next stop is France. My friend Frederic (who I met through Linked In) will run with the flag in October.

Here is what the flag looks like now.

Full flag
Left side
Right side
Australia Flag with a Vegemite pin
Go Vegemite (the stuff tastes terrible)
Next stop...France

Happy Running!


Zaneta said...

That's awesome!! I remember when he started it and had wondered if it was still floating around somewhere!! :)

CautiouslyAudacious said...

I love this! Happy running!

Somer said...

SOO Cool! Um, and it's debatable that vegemite is terrible. We made our church kids try it over the weekend. One out of the 10 liked it ;)

lindsay said...

you are lucky :) i'm glad the flag is still making it's rounds!

Black Knight said...

So the flag is coming back to Europe.
Glad you wore your flag of friendship.

Running Through Phoenix said...

Hey Christina!
Shoot me an email when you can. I want to catch up on Ragnar.


Johann said...

Thanks for the great post and the effort with the flag! I've been busy and must still update the flag blog and FB page. It is awesome that it continues around the world. Thanks again Christina!