Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zombies on the Canal Video

These are the zombies that attacked us on our long run last Saturday.   1:21 minutes into the video you'll start to hear me screaming.


Here's what the group said with their youtube posting and a click here for a link to their post about this event.

There are a lot of organized zombie walks these days, but we wondered what people would do if a zombie outbreak happened somewhere they really didn't expect.

To find out, we organized a small group of pranksters to invade the Arizona canal to scare and entertain unsuspecting runners at 7am! We picked a section of the trail that's a common route for runners and bikers who are training for races this coming winter. We thought a little Zombie outbreak might give them some extra motivation to run fast!

We warned runners with a big sign about a "Zombie Outbreak", then got to work. Some were scared, some laughed, some stopped for pictures, and many ran out of there with an extra burst of speed, but everyone had fun.

For more information on pranks and flash mobs in the Phoenix area, check out

Watch out for the zombies while out on the run.


Anonymous said...

That is so freaking awesome!!!

Jeff Moriarty said...

Haha! I'm one of the organizers with ImprovAZ - we did the zombie flash mob you ran into. It's too funny that you were the one who posted it, because you were known as "the screamer" to all of us for the rest of the morning, and as we were editing the video.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the post, and keep on running!

Kenley said...

I think that is really cool. wow a bunch of dead cheerleaders. lol. i think jeepers creepers guy would scare my ass into a pr. lol. take care.

lindsay said...

ohhhhh ok. i was totally confused earlier - it sounded like some random girl was chasing after you and you were all alone! but now i see that it was much safer than that :) pretty fun! (and very creative on their part)

Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...

Enjoy all those different ways to celebrate Halloween!

Stacey UltraPrincess said...

What's with the zombies? Last year a group of zombies were staggering around the streets of london, Ontario........It was in August so Halloween wasn't the reason.

Funny stuff!!!