Monday, June 3, 2013

Campsite on the Saltankay Trail

The first night camping on the trek potentially was going to be the coldest night and I was well prepared with my long underwear, multiple layers and thick jacket.  The tents were insulated against the cold by a structure covered with tarps.  The horses even looked ready for the cold winds they knew were coming as they were grazing.

I ate dinner at a picnic table meant for 8  but sat 12 hungry and tired hikers. I  expected when I emerged from our shelter where we enjoyed dinner the temperature would drop to freezing.  It was cold but not freezing.  Did I bring the thick jacket for nothing?
Outhouse and sink. The cook is washing dishes. 
The house next to the campsite
Another building by the campsite
Hector started a campfire and we talked a bit about the morning and the 5am wakeup call.  Someone would come to our tent and if we wanted hot coca leaves  tea all we had to do was unzip the tent door and wala, hot tea and a smiling Peruvian.

Not wanting to rent a sleeping bag I brought my own and my sleeping bag liner.  I was toasty warm all night and it never got that cold.   Everyone who rented the sleeping bags said they were also warm and some said they were even hot. I never did use my long underwear or jacket.  But I'm glad I had them with me because I would have been miserable if it did get as cold as claimed.
Beautiful scenery at sunset

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Johann said...

How I would love to experience that place, incredible!