Friday, June 21, 2013

The Hoatzin's and Other Birds in Peruvian Jungle

According to Wikipedia there are 1879 species of birds in Peru.  We certainly didn't see that many, especially since the parrot lick was parrotless. We did see quite a few birds and the guide was able to identify the birds as they were overhead.  I don't just mean he would say that's a macaw but he named it from the birds call- it is a scarlet macaw.

The river is where we saw the most birds, like this blue billed bird (don't know the real name)

and this hawk

but my favorite are the hoatzin's. Before  the hoatzin's came into view I heard them first. A low groan and then I saw one.  The hoatzin's remind me of Beaker from the Muppets with big eyes and crazy,wild hair.

When we came up to the next bunch of birds I was excited because there were four birds all together.  One flew up into the trees and the nest was still full.  And another flew away and yet another.  15 birds must have been in that one area and they just kept flying up into the trees.

Of all the birds I saw, these were definitely a favorite.

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