Friday, July 19, 2013

Finding the M in Mojo

I didn't quite find my running mojo, but I received great comments on my blog and saw running friends, which was unplanned.

The first running friend that graced my week and motivated me was Emily.   If you've followed my adventures, you'll know that I'm a Ragnarite, and have no problems running with complete strangers. Emily, her friend Carrie and I ran Florida Keys together in 2012 and got along smashingly.  We hung out an extra day in the Keys (which I highly recommend everyone do) and drove back (long, long drive) back to Tampa where I caught my plane.   We've kept in touch and so when I received an email she was in town for a conference (only companies on tight budgets have conferences in Phoenix during the summer) I knew I had to get together with her.

Dinner was awesome and we talked running.  Talking running is always so motivating and I felt the M in 'mojo' taking shape.  After dinner we drove a loop where Emily would run the next morning (she's a brave Minnesotan woman to run in the heat).

On Thursday, obviously still in the eating out mode, I went to Pita Jungle for lunch and ran into Jeff.  Jeff, whose indian name is Beadnnos, also ran Ragnar with me at Del Sol.  We talked about my mojo and he said his goal is to sludge through the summer running.  That's pretty much my goal too and I know I can plod my way through the heat.

My third point of motivation was going to track on Thursday night.  While I was quite wussy and only ran 6 x 400's I found myself considering running the Tucson marathon.  I have a secret desire to get a BQ again and show Boston that it can't beat me like it did in 2011 (luckily I was not there this year).Jamie, from track, is training for a BQ and while he was standing on the sidelines and I was running by during my warmup he called out to me

"Would you run Tucson with me?  I want a BQ"
"Absolutely NOT! " I yelled back as I jogged by.  "I'm not in shape."

I kept running my lap.  What if I could get a BQ? Since I'm turning a year older I would need a 3:55, which is very doable (at least in my heat exhausted brain it is). When I ran by him the next time I called out.

So that's where I'm at and tomorrow I'm running with another friend (who I also ran Ragnar with) who is running PF Changs RNR going for a BQ.  With so any people this week motivating me, I'm ready to write out my running schedule (with my glass of wine in hand), and seriously consider trying to work through my loss of running mojo, my muscle turned to fat syndrome and my hamstring discomfort.

So maybe I really did find the M in my running 'mojo'. 

Happy Running!


Running Through Phoenix said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaa mojo!! and if not, at least the shlumpies will carry us thru. your friend, Beadnnose.

Christy said...

Awesome! Glad to hear. Is the Tucson marathon in Dec? I've been talking about putting it only schedule as well.

Black Knight said...

Here we used to find our mojo during a "running dinner" with one pizza and one beer (pepsi for me) on the table.
All the best!