Saturday, August 17, 2013

Permission to stop the run when it's hot

You know it's going to be a hot run when at 5am, when it's still dark, it's already 92 degrees. The 12 miles on the schedule was revised down to 10 miles.  You would think I'd have an easier time after just posting the tips for running in the heat post but it was still tough.

I ran with Jacquie and at the beginning of the run, when we weren't too tired to have conversation, we talked about giving permission to yourself.  When it gets hot, I give myself permission to stop, to quit.  It's not a good permissible action to do either.  All the times I've read about heat stroke, not over doing it (from non-runners) and all the other be kind to yourself stories come to mind.  Couple that with being tired, discomfort and plain being hot, I gave myself permission to not finish the scheduled run.

I am a tad disappointed in myself for not pushing myself more and finishing the run.  But the wonderful thing about running is I am in charge of adjusting my schedule and know that one shortened run won't affect my fitness, training or ability to run another day.

Have you given yourself permission to stop a run?

Happy Running!


Christy said...

Definitely okay! I ended up with a long run on the treadmill!! I'm impressed you stuck it out for ten. It was really, really roasty this morning. I had 94 degrees at 5:30. Nice job!

Running Through Phoenix said...

All good if we run outside at all in August.

Johann said...

Definitely OK to do that! I make long runs a bit shorter if it is too hot. I always try to start earlier if possible and complete the run but if I can't I am fine to make it shorter.