Monday, November 4, 2013

Women, Wear Your Vagina Medal Proudly

The women's half marathon is like no other.  The start the race has lots of pink portapotties, sinks (with real water) outside of the portapotties, a freshen up station for after the race with Secret deodorant and wipes, pink finisher shirts and now the infamous finisher medals with a picture of a vagina.

Overheard at the Women's Half Marathon finish line in Tempe.
Woman #1: Doesn't that flower look like a vagina?
Woman #2: Yes, I think it is a vagina.

Hence, I present you with the finisher medal that all women who ran the Women's Scottsdale Half Marathon shall wear proudly.

Ohhhh, so that's what a vagina medal looks like.

Happy running!


Johann said...

Does look like it indeed :) You are right, wear it proudly.

One Crazy Penguin said...

This may be my favorite post that I have seen in a long time. Fan-freaking-tastic!