Thursday, August 21, 2014

If you need a boost of motivation….

I've fallen into a running slump.
Call it the 100+ degrees day
The 5am or earlier wake-up alarm
The 15 extra pounds
The glass of wine in the evening
Or just plain lazy
I'm just not feeling the running joy and it makes me depressed. So much so that I repeat all the bad things that make me feel guilty.  I hope when it cools down I can get moving again. Maybe I can lose weight.  Maybe I can enjoy running once again.

While sulking and procrastinating I watch this video and I'm not stupid enough to think if this 40 year old can run like this I can, but it does motivate me that I don't have to stay where I'm at and I can do something more.  Joe Pavey didn't let the 'I'm too old' negative thoughts tear her down. She got out there and did something no one has done before.

Maybe if you're in a slump this will help boost you up and get your butt out there.


Running Through Phoenix said...

We started a Hava Java Running Club: 5:15 to 5:30 Hava Java Saturday mornings. All distance/speed/pace welcome. ROUS!!!

lindsay said...

I'm plumper and out of the AM run habit myself. :-/ I'm working on it but literally the other morning I went for a ONE mile run before work. Haha. (All I had time for).

lindsay said...

Don't know much about Pavey but was awesome to see her find 5 extra gears to get thru that!

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