Sunday, February 8, 2009

Training for Newport Marathon

Tomorrow is my official start of training for the Newport Marathon where I will qualify for Boston.I received my email notification from telling me what is on my running schedule for tomorrow. 5 miles and I wanted to go to the track for speed work. But wouldn't you know it, I have something going on where I can't run tomorrow evening. I suppose if I were a true die hard I would run in the morning or in the evening when I got home at 11pm.

I'm actually giving myself two days off. My IT band, although feels fine during running, has tightened up after the runs. Not to mention that I have a cold that the extra time would be beneficial to rest up.

I'm excited to start the training for the next marathon. I am in better shape starting training for this one than last one. The marathon course and location of Newport will be wonderful and the weather should be cool. The field is limited to 800 people which means the zigzagging around people will be minimal as compared to San Diego with 16000 marathoners.

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