Saturday, January 24, 2009

Accepting the aches

Every since the marathon in Tucson I've had aches that I hadn't had before the race. Being intent on trying to tie it to something, I figure I must be recovering slowly (although its been almost 2 months and didn't start until weeks after the race). Last night at 4am as I was again making comparision pre-race and post race I realized that I was resisting the fact my muscles ached. What if every day that I ran I had an ache or woke up stiff, sore and discomfort? Would I still run? You betcha. So pre-race I felt great and now if aches are included in being a runner, so be it. As I accepted the fact that maybe I'll just be very achy, I felt better. On my 10 mile run today I had moments of concern wondering if my leg would cramp up but it didn't. Being accepting of where I am at is one of the best things I could do. Now if only I would remember that during all my life's challenges.

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