Friday, March 20, 2009

Supportive Friends

As I was working on scrapbooking my Ragnar relay pictures I saw time and time again how supportive the teammates were for each other. One person in particular, Michael, was in many pictures, handing out water or clapping as someone completed or started their leg. I know throughout the day and night he was often running across the street to check to make sure the runner was ok or to give them water. Looking at the pictures made me realize that I wasn't as giving. Yea, I can use the excuse I was in the back seat, next to the window and it wasn't easy to get in and out. I wanted to conserve energy and I didn't make the effort to get in and out of the van each leg, or to be water girl frequently. I was a great teammate when it was convenient. I'm not saying that I was a bump on a log and did nothing to help my teammates but I realize now that I missed out on some wonderful opportunities to help others.

In each of these pictures you can see Michael helping out his fellow teammates. Thank you Michael for supporting and encouraging everyone.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more... He's ACES!
Coach Dean