Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and what was going to happen when I called Endurance Rehabilitation in Phoenix. That wearing shorts over the next few weeks was out and the bruises that would develop would be exactly what I needed to get myself running again.
I first went to Endurance Rehabilitation and met the physical therapist Matt over a year ago when I went to get help for a hamstring and calf injury. That when I developed a love and hate relationship with Matt and I first learned about about the power and pain of ASTYM.
According to the website ASTYM treatment is a revolutionary process that heals soft tissue problems. It stimulates the regenerative healing process of the body. This approach is a non-invasive therapy that works fast and consistently. The ASTYM system rejuvenates muscles, tendons and ligaments. It gets rid of scar tissue problems from old injuries in a fashion previously unimaginable.
Now don’t confuse non-invasive therapy with pain-free! Depending on your threshold for pain and the location of the treatment this hurts like hell. I watched the short little demonstration video and knew that the therapist in the video was taking it easy because the client wasn’t flinching and squirming around. Last year my first treatment of ASTYM was so painful I cried during and after. This time I knew what I to expect and I surprised even myself with no tears.
Laying on my stomach, gripping the table I had my IT band worked on.

Its hard to believe that surrounding muscles getting tight will pull so hard on the IT band making it painful to run. It is all over in a couple of minutes and then off you go. Although the bruises I get are substantial from the treatment it really does work which is why I knew that in order to get running again, I had to go in and see Matt. The great thing about Matt and the ASTYM therapy is you are supposed to get out and run. (There’s nothing worse than being told not to run.) After my PT appointment I went home and ran 2 miles with min
imal discomfort. That is a huge improvement over the 1.5 miles I ran with lots of discomfort just 2 days ago.
So thank you Matt for causing pain and bruising the heck out of my IT band and getting me running again.


Lesley said...

Ooo, ouch! Glad to hear you're on the mend! I'd never heard of ASTYM, so I've learned something new! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I keep hearing from you and the rest of the club members how great it works. Now, if they can knock me out to do it... I'll try.