Sunday, May 31, 2009

Give Me a Donut

I love donuts, especially maple frosted donuts and donuts with rainbow sprinkles. Very Yummy. A couple of weeks ago I got a card for Krispy Kreme donuts where I could get a free donut and coffee (yuck, tastes like dirt) every day. After eating three donuts within the time span of one short week I knew that card had to go.

Why do I bring up donuts you ask? Because the draft title of Dean's book has donut in it. Oh, it also has the word "goal" but if you could think about goals or a donut, which one would you think about?

One "PRO" listed in the book for setting goals is "Falling short of a goal will leave you further along than if you never tried. " This one is hard for me to reconcile with. I feel like I've failed in not being able to run the marathon I signed up for (that happened to have been for yesterday). How can I be further ahead than if I've never tried? If I focus on the negative's then I can come up with many reason to answer that question. However, I know answering with negatives will get me nowhere but more tears so here is how I got further:
I got one more 18 miler under my belt for experience
I got to see the buffalo on my 18 miler (really I live in Arizona, not the mid-west)
I was able to listen to 3 hours of music without feeling guilty of doing nothing
I could have eaten many donuts based on how many miles I've run
I've learned about my IT band and what a bugger the TFL muscle is
I've made a couple new friends on the web that also have IT issues
I've been able to ride my bike along with my boyfriend as he runs

I could come up with many more reasons how I've gotten further with my goal than if I hadn't set it at all but I'll stop with those. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this quote I found.

"It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is best from the top. " ~Arnold Bennett

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