Saturday, May 2, 2009

Whiskey Row

The Whiskey Row Half Marathon was supposed to be a tune-up race before my full marathon and then I had to take time off due to my IT band. While healing from the IT band an ache in my hip started. Compensation for a tight IT band is what I thought and it would soon go away. Unfortunately, the hip, or a tight TFL muscle, is now the reason for not running the Whiskey Row half or running much at all. Although I considered running the 10k or even the 2 mile, I knew the best thing would be to sulk quietly on the side.

John, the running stud-muffin that he is, ran the full marathon. John amazes me because he can just run. Any distance doesn’t phase him, he isn’t wrapped up into running schedules, he doesn’t get injured like I do and he’s such a strong runner. The Whiskey Row marathon is advertised as one of the toughest courses. The hills are brutal and once you hit the peak, the course takes you downhill to the turnaround point. Guess what...what goes down has to go back up. I personally haven't run the full but know the half is tough and pacing is ever so important (when isn't it important)

The morning was a little cool and perfect for the 6am marathon start. Although rain was predicted, their were few clouds and we never saw rain the entire weekend. The race started and I saw them off, got a chai tea (must have been the worst chai tea,

steamed milk with a tea bag) and headed back to the B&B for breakfast. I had about 3 hours to kill before I wanted to be back to watch for John to finish.

When I returned to the race, I went up the road about a mile and cheered on the half marathoners and marathoners coming in. For about an hour I clapped for every person, I called out their number and cheered them on. I told them they were doing great, they were doing it, they were in their final stretch. My hands

started to itch from clapping so much but it was worth it. Later, after the race was finished, someone recognized me and thanked me for cheering them on. She even made a comment that her friend (who was sitting right there) didn't even cheer her on. ouch.

John finished with an impressive time of 3.46, placed 19th overall and he took 2nd in his age group. Great job!

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