Saturday, May 9, 2009


So it seems like this is an ongoing occurance. Injured...running...injured...running. When my knee started hurting, although I took some time off right away and then went to a PT, the IT band issue moved to my hip. I know have a tight TFL (Tensor Fascia latae muscle) which is being very slow in healing. If its just a tight muscle then why can't I just stretch it and have it go away?

There are many things I don't understand about injuries. First, why do some people not get injured. Yea, yea...everyone is built differently. But doesn't my desire and my love of running count for something? Second, what did I do wrong? This right/wrong question is something that plaques me often and I know its not the best question to ask. My friend Jayna has a saying the glass can be half empty, it can be half full or it can be just a glass. It doesn't have to be right/wrong it can just BE. I do know that I could have taken a day off in that 6 day stretch and possibly avoided this. But there is no way to know. I am where I'm at and thinking of the past does me more harm than good.

Its very hard to shift my focus from what I can't do, which is running, to what I can do, which is swimming and biking. I can swim and bike with no hip or knee problems and that will keep my conditioning up and my stress level down (well managable at least). My new goal is to do strenghening exercises and get to a point where I can run Watsatch Ragnar in Utah with my friend Somer in June.

A co-worker said "you just can't stay healthy". I took offense to it. Actually I'm very healthy, don't get sick but yes, I get injured. The only way I could not get injured is if I sat on the COUCH OF DOOM and did nothing. So I'm coming back. I'm always coming back.


Lesley said...

Being injured does, indeed, suck! We'll both be back, though! :) Crosstraining is our friend, right?!

I saw your post about the ASTYM treatment where your leg looked pretty painful post-treatment--it works, though?

Sending rapid healing thoughts your way! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice tag line.. i like it... I'm coming back too... I'm always coming back.