Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back with Plenty of Time for a Nap

The last couple of weeks the routine on the weekend has been get up at 4am, to beat the heat, and go for a run or bike ride and then go back to bed. On Saturday, we left at 4:30am and you could barely see the light coming over the horizon. At my turn-around point at 2.5 miles, the light was still dim making the signs along the canal look like people standing there fishing. On Sunday I left around 4:15am for a 20 mile bike ride and it was dark for a long time. On the way back there were so many hummingbirds over the canal that I decided next week I'll leave the house later so I'll be able to see more hummingbirds in the light. There's something about hummingbirds that brings a smile to my face and my mood always lightens. Once home, I climb back into bed for a couple hour nap.

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