Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Week's Exfoliation

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a blog I found at Jess talks about weekly getting rid of something and she calls it her weekly exfoliation. I've heard the statement many times that if you haven't used it in 2 years, a year or whatever the time frame then get rid of it. That hasn't worked for me because many times I love the item and just haven't worn it or think I will wear it again. So I end up hanging onto stuff.

There are a couple things Jess said that have really stuck with me and it makes it easier for me to get rid of stuff. First, if she doesn't love it then she gets rid of it. So often I keep stuff for sentimental reasons or out of obligation. But if I ask myself the question do I love it and the answer is no, then its a no brainer and I can get rid of it. Why should I keep something that I don't love. This goes along with the second thing Jess says that I keep in mind. By getting rid of something that I don't love, I am increasing my ratio of good stuff to bad stuff. Not to mention getting rid of some of the clutter and stuff that I just don't know where to put.

This week I am getting rid of 4 items that have been sitting on a shelf and have no meaning to me anymore. I think I put them up there just to unpack the box after I moved and never liked the display on the shelf anyway. My cat Sundae had to also get in the picture but I love her and besides the hacked up hairballs and shedding, she is not part of the exfoliation.

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