Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Running in Racing Flats

In my effort to keep trying something new, I ran my 3 miles this morning in my racing flats. I wanted to give my feet and body a chance to run naturally without actually running barefoot. The 3 miles went well although at the beginning I felt the ache in the hip. I slowed the pace down but I guess I didn't slow the pace down that much because I finished my 3 miles with a 7:55 avg pace. Maybe my mileage was off since I didn't run with my Garmin but I measured out the 3 miles a couple days before. The run seemed quick but not under an 8 min mile.

Immediately after the run I start assessing my hip and unfortunately today it ached more following the run than it has in the past. That could be due to running in the racing flats, the quicker pace or pent up anger disguising itself as pain in the hip (that would be the assessment based on the book I'm reading).

I'm going to keep running though with a day off in-between. I'll try the racing flats again and take the "race" out of the run and keep it slower next time. Well maybe next run is a strength workout at the track where I run a lap and do sit-ups, push-ups and other exercises and I always run the laps faster than I should.


sneakersister said...

How funny, we titled our posts exactly the same. I swear I wasn't copying.

How did your subsequent run in flats go? Did it seem to help matter?

Christina said...

I noticed we had the same titles. It means we both love running and the track (although I think you love it more than I do). I haven't done the subsequent run in flats yet and probably won't run today because a cold is kicking my butt.