Monday, July 20, 2009

Not a hole in the bag!

I've been trying to ice so that blood flow (oxygen) is increased to the hip therefore speeding recovery. For the most part, I haven't been icing but figured I should. After all, what could possibly go wrong with icing? Planning ahead this morning I grabbed a zip lock bag so I could ice at work. It was almost 5pm by time I thought about icing and tucked the bag with ice in between my waistband and my hip and continued to work.

I'll take a break in my story to talk about a couple of years ago I went running in the winter and it was really cold. I had tights on and was still cold. Matter of fact, I was so cold that I couldn't feel the water dripping from the unclosed water bottle onto my butt and down my legs. Since it was a long run I was wet (and short on water) the rest of the run. The moral of the story is if something is frozen don't go dumping water on it.

You would think that I would feel my jeans getting wet. But no, because I was icing and the area was already cold, I never noticed that the hole in the bag was leaking water and my butt was getting all wet. Good thing it was after 5pm and not many people are still in the office. Quitting time!


fredbros said...

Hip-ache may be caused by a tendinitis of the gluteal muscle (not sure it's the right translation from the French word I use ...) so ice obviously should help but won't cure. Only rest will unfortunately as with all tendinitis.
This particular tendinitis may be caused by a difference of size in the legs, as suspected by your doctor, or a bad pelvis posture when running (which isn't easy to correct).
So, seems like the only cure is ... not to run for a while and then adapt either the shoes with orthodics or correct the posture with a coach.

Christina said...

I have taken time off from running, weeks at a time and didn't have improvement. Perhaps its because I also rode my bike or swam and didn't sit home and become a couch potato. I'm still considering the orthodics but haven't made an appointment.

FredBros said...

Christina, the "electronic cloth" of one of my previous posts is built by Rsscan.
You can find infos on
The model Adidas used during Paris Marathon Expo was the footscan® 3D 2m plate.
It measures the pressure of all the surface of your foot and compares it to an ideal curve.
It's quite expansive so I'm not even sure that local shops would be able to buy one.