Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crater Lake and the Doctor

This morning I ran just under 4 miles and I forgot to hit stop on my stop watch so I have no idea how long it took me and my Garmin was out of battery juice. Bummer, I hate when I don't know my time. My hip was fine during the run and sore afterwards but it hasn't gotten worse during the day.

Yesterday's doctor appointment was uneventful. He said my left leg was a little shorter than the right and recommended orthodics. The funny thing is 2 years ago when I did get orthodics (which I no longer use), I seem to remember the right leg being shorter. So now I'm more confused about "THE" answer. The doctor gave me a prescription for a patch with anti-inflamatories in it. The good thing is there is nothing seriously wrong and he didn't want to give me a corisone shot. So I suppose I'll see the foot doctor about an orthodic.

Over the weekend I went to Oregon and we made a day trip up to Crater Lake. It is quite beautiful, with the dark blue water in the crater of the volcano and the snow still on the sides. Next year I'd like to run the half marathon along the rim of the lake in August. The race is limited to 500 people and already sold out for 2009.


fredbros said...

I was to answer your previous post regarding your hip-ache when I read this one. I was wondering if your current shoes could be the root cause of the problem. Talking from my experience : I suffered from Achilles'tendinitis for months and months ("caused" by Mizuno and not cured by Saucony). Three months ago, after a test on an electonic cloth, I bought a pair of control Adidas Supernova Sequence since I was supposed, according to the test, to need stability and control. Since one month, I haven't felt any more pain.
So maybe, before using orthodics, you should consider to try others shoes.

Christina said...

That is a good thought. I've been running in the same shoe, Brooks Adrenaline for a couple of years now and even have two in the closet that I bought on sale. It couldn't hurt to try a different shoe. Thanks!