Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hot and Muggy

Heading out the door at 5am I was surprised at how warm it already was. Even though I was only running 4 miles, I brought my water with me and was very glad I did. Every last drop of the water was gone by the time I got back home. The temperature when I got home was 88 degrees at 5:40am and the high for today is supposed to be 116 degrees. Its a good thing I like to stay inside in the air conditioned house.

I bought new shoes the other day and already got a blister. Blisters aren't something that I usually have problems with so I was surprised. I don't think the new shoes have helped ( they also haven't hurt ) my hip discomfort. I'm very, very frustrated with the hip and can't help but wonder if maybe a marathon this year isn't in the cards. I really want to run though and will keep working towards running more.


fredbros said...

Just because I'm very curious ... which shoes did you buy and what size compared to the size of your everyday shoes ?

Christina said...

Great question because I'm surprised at the answer myself. I usually wear half a size higher and when I looked at the shoes they are the same size as I wear in everyday shoes. I've worn Brooks and I bought Asics.

fredbros said...

Christina, I think size it's the main reason of the blister. The "trouble" with Asics is that they're very comfortable even at your everyday shoes size. I encountered the same problem in the past also with a pair of Asics. I took the "badé size because I was feeling great when I tried them in the shop.

aron said...

I wear asics and they are a whole size bigger than my normal shoes... just a thought?

ekkk 116 is so hot!

Christina said...

When I went back to the store, I did get Asics a size bigger than my normal shoes. I was surprised!