Thursday, July 2, 2009


While surfing for running jewelry I came across a blog that has me thinking and motivated to "exfoliate." The blog is by Jess LC from Chicago(who is also a runner) and its called Makeunder My Life found at Usually you see things called Make "OVER" meaning to change or transfigure you or something in your life into something different. Like there is something wrong with who and what you are. So the title "Makeunder" caught my eye.
Her website goes on to explain "makeunder".
I use this term to describe any action that improves one’s life through addition by subtraction. For example, every Friday I get rid of something that I don’t need, use, or love anymore (I call this my “end of the week exfoliation“). I do this because I would like to have nice possessions, but I don’t have the money to afford lots of nice things. By getting rid of the items I don’t covet anymore, my ratio of nice to not-nice stuff increases, and I end up closer to my goal. Even more important to my philosophy, is the idea that everyone is a designer of their life and we use intentions (conscious or otherwise) to guide and shape our actions and environment. Sure there are lots of things we cannot control in our lives, but how we respond and design our lives accordingly is up to us.
I love the idea of exfoliating one item a week. However, committing to do something weekly isn't my style. When I was in elementary school I read a story of a girl that sent her Grandma a letter every week. Thinking that was the coolest thing, I promptly scribed a letter to my Grandma stating my intention to mail her weekly. You guessed it, that lasted exactly one week. I have always felt guilty about not following through and my grandma would bring it up too.
Last week I pulled out a few items in my closet that I no longer loved. (hey, since that was a couple of things for one week, that means that I have exfoliation credits). This week I'm getting rid of this vase.
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Now before you exclaim you can see why I'm getting rid of it, this was painted by my Grandma and she etched her name, Ella 1967 into the base of the vase so it has special meaning to me. It doesn't matter that it has been stored in a cupboard for years and not on display, it still means something to me. And now, I'm starting to doubt whether I should get rid of it. However, I do have a picture and its now part of my blog for me to look back and admire and think back on my Grandma.

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Sarah Heinle said...

I think I need to join in on this. :) Can we replace with one new item once a month???