Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monthly Wrap-Up

I follow a couple of blogs and stole an idea from fellow runner Sneaker Sister at http://sneakersister.blogspot.com/. Sneaker Sister posted her monthly totals and I love that idea. When I look at my totals for the month I don't feel like I'm such a lazy bones after all.

Monthly Totals
Although my running was only at 16 miles, my biking was almost 70 miles and almost 3 hours of swimming.

I did start to run again last week (and probably had almost all those 16 miles in that week) but it quickly caught up to me. That is a problem for me...I start to run, feel ok, think I'm super woman and run too often and too fast. I ran 2 miles this morning after 4 days off and am feeling pretty good. I would love to go out again tomorrow and run but I'll be smart and bike in the morning and run Thursday night at track. I'll just have to remember to run SLLLLOOWWWLLY.


sneakersister said...

Great job Christina! I love having the Monthly Wrap Up to look back on.

Anonymous said...


You have a great blog here, inspite of you knowing my brother Coach Dean


Christina said...

I'm wondering when I can get a pair of those awesome shoes your brother sports around.