Sunday, October 2, 2011

Race Judicata

Five years in a row I've run Race Judicata. If you would have told me I'd make a tradition with this 5K race for lawyers, I would have laughed at you.  Four years ago I was looking for a 5K and chose this race because it was close to home and priced right (I don't like paying more than $25-$30 for a 5K).  I met John at this race and I've been running it each year since.

Two of the ladies from work (who are also running the Women's Half Marathon) ran the 5K today.  One of the ladies has never run a 5K before and the other one quasi trains yet she is super fast. I told her she must be a closet runner because she's so fast and runs effortlessly.

Coming back from my injuries I set my expectation of 7:45's -8's. To help set the stage for a positive outcome, I wore a regular tech T instead of a tank and wore my trainer shoes instead of my lightweight frees.  This race would gauge where I was and now I can work on improving this winter.

Each year the course for this race is different.  It has turns, hills and tricks you into thinking your at the finish when you still have 1/4 mile and there's a hill.  One of the runners got lost and added 1/2 mile to the race.  He came in behind me and will probably be the first and only time I beat him.

My closet runner fast co-worker ran 20:46 and got first in her age group.  I got second in my age group with 24:15.  My newbie co-worker broke 32 in her first 5K.  Excellent job ladies.

Happy Running!


Natalia said...

Oooh nice Christina! Congratulations on your AG finish - you are such a strong runner. Well since we last spoke, things are still pretty hectic, but will write an update soon-ish. Take care.

Johann said...

Well done! Congrats with the age group placing as well. That is a good time. Seems that things are well. have a good week!