Monday, October 3, 2011

Willing to Let Go?

I found this saying on a site about organization and it talked about letting go of clutter.  I see use for this quote outside of clutter and organization.  For my running I have set ideas of what I should be doing (getting faster), how much to be running (4-5 days a week) and types of races (marathons).  What if that's really not what is waiting for me?  Am I missing the joy in running by having these set ideas?

What are your thoughts about this quote?


misszippy said...

that is a tough one, for sure! I am such a control freak and when I lose that, I have a hard time. so to truly surrender and let life guide me--wow, don't know. Which is probably why there is some wisdom to it.

Teamarcia said...

Ooooh slippery territory. It's so hard to let go sometimes....with clutter and everything else. Although I never miss the clutter, I miss the marathon training. A growth opportunity for sure.

lindsay said...

I've actually wondered something like this recently... And while I still can't fathom letting go of my running ideals, I'm doing better at allowing myself to chill out about them for now (as I focus on clearing up my health). I question whether I should still hold onto my running dream goals... But I also don't want to admit giving up on them (even if they are probably wayyyy out of reach).