Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tempo Run

Stepping outside at 5:30am there was a light breeze but it was warmer than yesterday. The temperature when I returned from the tempo run was only 82 so although it wasn't really hot, it was still a warm run. Today was 4 miles with the middle two being at 7:40 pace. The first mile was 7:34 and the next one was 7:43 so I was under on one and over on the other.

A tempo run is probably my least favorite. It seems to hurt more than a track workout although with a track workout the last reps are always tough also. Overall a successful run.

The next three days I'm in Denver and looking forward to running in Denver with cooler weather.

Happy Running!


Drusy said...

Wow - I can't believe you run in that heat! I complain when its in the 80s in the afternoon.
I hope you find cool breezes in Colorado!

sneakersister said...

Great job on the tempo Christina! I think I'm the opposite, I have always loved tempos and have only just recently discovered the joys of track workouts.

aron said...

I always dread my tempos but am so glad when they are over with :) great job on yours! its a hard pace to find I think.