Friday, September 18, 2009

But I Did Really, Really Good

As I mentioned in my last post, John and I are going out in the boat this weekend so I rearranged my running schedule and did my 18 miler today. I'm so pleased with how it went and don't feel totally wiped out. I had a false start this morning after I ran down the street from the house and realized I needed to head back home to use the restroom. Starting again I turned on the tunes and headed out. I haven't been running with music but started with my Wednesday run and again today and really enjoyed hearing my music again. It was dark and it was miles before I saw the first runner wearing his headlamp. Surprisingly there were many more headlamp runners too for the next couple miles. I don't run with a headlamp but it is probably a good idea.

There are a gazillion things that go through my mind while running. Sometimes I get worked up over work, over my X or over my mom. This morning my thoughts gravitated towards my mom I've only run one marathon and that was last December. After the marathon I called my mom to tell her that I ran a marathon. Here's how the conversation went.

me: Hi mom. I ran my first marathon today.
Mom: Oh. Did you win
Me: replying meekly, almost apologetically: No, but I did really, really good.
Mom: Oh. That's good. Did you want to talk to you dad?

My mom has no idea what it takes to run a marathon and her idea of exercise is going to Curves, doing jumping jacks and chatting with the ladies. On other days she'll walk a mile to In and Out Burger and be proud that she walked two miles. I look at that as 200 calories burned, 1000 consumed and the overage of calories is 800 calories for one meal. My mom's interest in my running isn't there. It isn't her thing. But I wish she could understand the the "really, really good" WAS great and that I don't have to win a race to have accomplished something. I'm sure a therapist would look at me and say "hmmmm, I think you have some unresolved issues surrounding your mom that you need to work out." Duh, ya think? Like there is anyone in the world that doesn't have unresolved issues, especially around parents.

So today's run I did really, really good. I ran 18 with an overall 8:57 pace. My goal going out was to run whatever pace and then run goal on the way back. I wasn't going to get too caught up on goal on the way back but wanted to make an effort to keep moving forward and improving.
Then I turned around and entered the I kick butt stage
8:48 close to goal
8:48 close to goal
8:49 close to goal
8:44 goal
8:24 under goal
7:49. Yep. I really ran 7:49 in my last mile for my 18 mile run! Sweet!

Happy Running!


Mistyfied said...

My mom cracks me up, when I told her I had registered for a triatholon she said "Thats where all those people die".

joyRuN said...

Well done on that 18-miler! Those are awesome paces, & with an excellent last mile kick :)

aron said...

wooo awesome job on the 18!! and check out that last mile!