Thursday, September 24, 2009

Diana Galbadon

Tuesday night I had an opportunity to attend a book signing by my favorite author, Diana Galbadon. She writes historical fiction based in Scotland and America during the mid-1700's and 1800's. I was very excited to attend the book signing for her newest book, An Echo in the Bone, that was just released also on Tuesday. For months I have been counting down her next book and now that I have it I can’t wait to start it. I’ve attended two other book signings by her, one at The Poisoned Pen book store and the other at the Highland Games. The signing Tuesday night was completely different from what I had previous attended. To start with it was at the Biltmore Resort and it was there because they expected a large crowd. Large crowd is a complete understatement. There must have been 1500-1800 people, with the exception of the couple of men, wearing kilts and the handsome bag piper, also clad in a kilt, the crowd was primarily women. Although I went by myself, I wasn’t alone and was able to strike up a conversation with anyone around me about the Outlander series. My favorite book is the first one Outlander and I’ve read it 4 times. One of the ladies I met has read all 6 of her books about 8 times. Each of the books is about 800 pages so reading the books 8 times is quite a feat.

This week I’ve been especially busy. Besides the book signing , on Monday due to a last minute change of plans I couldn’t get a run in. That meant changing my running schedule for the week and changing the days and miles. Most times I have more flexibility in my running schedule except this is a hard week with 5 days of running 39 miles (up to this point I’m at 4 days and around 33 miles). Losing a running day on this week is hard to fit back in but I think I have it figured out. I was originally going to run a 12 mile long run to give myself a break but I’m now at 16. I am nervous about running 3 days in a row with almost 7 miles each day and running the 5th day. But that is what I do, I think and worry.

I may have to hold off starting my new book until after this week in order to fit in running, work and sleep (although that seems to deficient lately). One thing I did figure out how to manage better is my blogging. With my minimal home time I haven’t been able to blog and can’t access blogs at work. I’m going to try writing out my blog during my lunch and then emailing it to myself to complete at home.

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