Thursday, October 1, 2009

800's... A Great Workout

For the past number of weeks I have been doing speed work of 800's on the track. By following the logic of Yasso's 800's, if I can do 10 x 800's at 3:50 pace, I can run a 3:50 marathon. 2 weeks ago I did 6x 800 around 3:40ish. With my recent 5K PR, I realized that I should be training at a faster 5K and 10K pace so I wanted to go for 3:30's.

I jogged over to the high school track a mile from my house and before I got there I saw the field lights were on. Since it was Thursday night I thought perhaps there was a JV football game and I would need to figure a different workout not involving the track. I was in luck and in for a treat. The marching band was practicing so not only was I able to run on a lit track, I had entertainment as well. The hard part was focusing on running and not watching the color guard and band as they moved across the field. At one point I was on a crash course with the water cooler cart in lane one because I was watching the band and not the track.

I ran my first 800 in 3:26 so I figured it was a little fast if I wanted to run the whole workout. I took a 90 second break and ran the next in 3:24. I was really going to need to run smarter if I was to do all 7. The funny thing is that even though I was working hard, I wasn't running them in an all out sprint. Next one 3:23. Ok, I guess I'm running them around 3:25's. Now to keep up the pace for all 7. I ran a 3:24, took a 3 minute break before the next 3 at 3:25 3:21 and 3:20. I sprinted the last 50 meters of the last one and I don't think I have ever felt my legs go that fast. I didn't feel like I was actually running. It was awesome.

So now I'm it possible to run a marathon around 3:20? I'm going for a 3:50 but what if I blow away that time?

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sneakersister said...

I really think that you are seeing a lot of improvements lately, you just got a great 5k result to tuck in your pocket, you're starting to feel more confident about your running performances ... but you still have more than half way to go until the marathon. Keep pushing hard and running strong, stay injury free and then decide closer to the race what kind of performance you are ready for. Do you do anything other than 800's? Mile repeats or 2000's? I'd mix it up a little and then revisit the 800's again in a couple weeks. I definitely think that based on what you've been doing lately you may be conservative on your current marathon goal time and I'm not saying you can't do it. One thing I've really learned with running is patience, so I'd suggest just keep plugging along and see how you feel in a couple weeks before you make any goal changes.