Friday, October 30, 2009

Freezing Bike Ride

The guilt of not running or biking yesterday morning along with the fact I ate anything I could find with sugar in it, I decided to go for a run last night and not take the day off after all.    I ran 4 miles with the middle  two at close to 10k pace and felt really good.  This morning I went for a bike ride and FROZE by butt off.  I wore a long sleeve shirt and my shorts but was so dang cold it wasn't enjoyable.  I need to discover where I stashed my gloves and start wearing them along with pants.  I feel bad even saying its cold because there are people running in the snow and layered up with clothes and here I am being wimpy.

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Melissa said...

I've often thought they should make adult versions of mittens on a string like they do for toddlers. I'm always losing one glove. By the end of our winter months, I'm quite the looker with my mismatch cold weather gear. At least I'm getting the job done. At least I'm not using it as an excuse to stay in and eat an entire carrot cake...and once upon a time...

I'm impressed that you are trainng for the Boston Marathon! You Go!