Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monthly Wrap-Up

I'm happy to be wrapping up the month of October.  Three weeks off from an ankle sprain was not easy.  But I'm running again and went for a 10 miler yesterday that I was only 2 seconds off goal pace. I do have the challenges of my ankle still aching but more than that I'm struggling with getting back to good nutrition.  The candy that is around the office and the candy that was 75% off at the store this morning and is now in my car is very tempting and I'm giving in.

I need to change the Tucson marathon to the half marathon and I think once I actually make the switch I'll be able to get back into my training and eating better. I know I need to switch my entry and sign up for PF Changs but there is something preventing me.  The cost of $115 for PF is one reason and the number of people in PF is another.  I think another reason is my lack of confidence and fear of getting injured again.  I really wish I had a crystal ball.

To wrap up October I ran 50 miles, which is higher than I thought it would be.  It just goes to show you how doing something a little bit at a time adds up.  In addition to the running I did 61 miles on the bike.

Here's to finishing up October and looking forward to a strong November

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Jenn said...

That darn candy! I won't let me 3 kids eat all of it but then again maybe I should so it wouldn't be around here!! Enjoyed reading your blog!