Saturday, October 17, 2009

RAK #2

One of the challenges of delivering the RAK is remaining anonymous. The recipient of RAK #2, which are two pink votive candles, is a gal that I rarely talk to because our work doesn't cross paths often.  She sits by the copier room so it is easy to make a trip by her desk, see if she's there and turn back around.  She must be a very hard worker who doesn't chat much because she was ALWAYS at her desk.  Finally I had a break and she was around the corner celebrating a co-workers birthday.  Racing back to my desk there is someone in my office and I don't want her to know either what I'm up to.   I had to wait for her to leave, for her to deliver the papers to the same person receiving the RAK, before I could snatch up the bag, swing by the gals desk and drop it off.

You are the receipient of a  RAK
Have a Great Day
Pay it Forward

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Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

A big part of the fun might be trying to remain a mysterious giver! Nice idea!