Friday, October 23, 2009

RAK #3

I have had a couple hours at home this afternoon with the house to myself.  In that time I have started laundry, prepared dinner and then I sat down at the computer.  I love it when I get some time to read and comment on the blogs. I've mentioned before that although I can read the blogs on Google Reader at work, I can't see pictures and I can't comment because of web blocking software. So getting a chance to read blogs and admire pictures is great.  I'm always amazed at how quick time passes when I'm visiting my bloggie friends. I need to finish this up and get dinner in the oven and clean the dishes.

This morning I got to work at 7am and was hoping the recipient of RAK #3 wouldn’t be in yet.  Darn, he was.  And he’s a hard worker and doesn’t wander around and chit chat.  I could hope for delivering it when he went to the break room, the bathroom or lunch but then it might seem like I was stalking him.   Plus, he sits off in the corner so unless I needed to be over there, I would be noticed.  Remembering the mail room, I realized it would be perfect for delivering this RAK.  The RAK are 2 CD’s from artists that I think he’d like and since they are flat, they will fit perfectly into the narrow slots in the mailroom.  Sliding them into the overnight envelope, I happily slid it into mail box and hope he or someone in his department checks the mail frequently (as compared to me who only checks my mail like once a week).

You have received a RAK
Have a Great Day
Pay it Forward

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