Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RAK #5

I didn’t want to give up RAK #5 because it was so cute but I knew the recipient would love it.  I made it this weekend at a scrapbook crop and it turned out awesome.  It is a Halloween recipe book and the recipient LOVES Halloween and baking making it a perfect gift for her. 

Getting it to her though proved to be a challenge.  She has friends by my office and a very distinct laugh so as soon as I heard her laugh, I snatched up the RAK, disguised it in a manila folder and headed off to her area.   She works in a big room with scanning equipment and there is almost always someone in there scanning.  Sure enough, someone was working away.  I’d have to come back during lunch when hopefully everyone would be hungry and not working. Another funny thing about trying to deliver the RAK is each time I went in the room, I had to create some excuse of why I was in there.

Wouldn’t you know it, at lunch she ate at her desk and foiled my plan.  I don’t want to do the mail slot option because she probably gets mail less frequently than I do and also wouldn’t check her mail.  My next option was to wait for her to leave work at 4pm and hope no one is in the room scanning. At 4pm there was still someone working.  Finally at 5pm, there was no one in there; happily I placed in on her desk and wondered what she would think in the morning.

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