Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Minute Prep for GC

This afternoon we are heading up to the Grand Canyon.  I didn't look over my back packing stuff anymore last night since I didn't get home until almost 9pm, then I had to eat dinner.  I'll finish it up this morning and load up the car.  I need to get my cats, Sundae and Nugget, situated.  When I leave for a couple of days I don't have someone look in on them.  Instead I drag in a 2nd litterbox and put lots of food in their bowl and hope they don't eat it all in one day.  Sundae, is a fat little girl and I have a feeling she eats 5 days worth of food in 2 days leaving both cats starved when I return.

There is a chance it will snow on us while we are in the canyon.  Here is the weather at Phantom Ranch (which I'm not staying at but its the only point at the bottom where weather is given).

On Saturday night I'll be making my way up and staying halfway in the canyon.  Here's the Saturday weather for the top.  Since I'm halfway up the weather is probably 10 degrees warmer.  17 degrees plus 10 is 27 and is STILL below FREEZING!!  So it will be cold with a slight chance of snow. brrrrr

Although I had running on my calendar this morning, I took it off since I'm worried about my foot, have lots to do this morning and will be getting plenty of hiking in this weekend.  I talked to Coach Dean about my foot and he thought it was fasciitis and recommended running on it. I'll run on Monday when I return.

In honor of Veterans Day Google has this Doodle


Jenn said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I wish we had some scenery other than fields around here. Definitely no canyons in MN. Have Fun!

sneakersister said...

Have fun! I have always wanted to hike to the bottom and camp out for a week. One of these days.