Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RAK #8

I didn’t get around to delivering any RAK’s in the office last week.  I could list off a number of reasons, probably none of them good reasons of why I didn’t last week.  When I decided dispersing RAK’s was something I wanted to do, I specifically didn’t set rules.  I wanted to set myself up for success and not feel like a failure if I didn’t do one a day or even one a week.  The week of Halloween I did three so I think I have one or two banked up anyway.   Monday’s recipient RAK was delivered by me placing it in her mail slot.  The recipient is a wonderful, Christian lady with an awesome attitude and we have shared a lot over the years.  I gave her two CD’s of Christian artists and hope she enjoys them.

You Have Received a RAK
Have a Great Day
Pay it Forward

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Oz Runner said...

how cool that you do RAKs like that, i should try it where i work...do your co-workers know that it's you?