Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Recovery Run and More GC Prep

I went out for a recovery run last night and cut it short due to foot pain.  I guess getting a PR has its price.  My foot throbbed many times during the night, which isn't good.  I was going to run this morning but opted for PT exercises ( and yet I sit here at the computer instead of doing the exercises).  Tomorrow I want to get a good run in before leaving for the Grand Canyon in the afternoon and want my foot to feel good enough to run but more importantly, good enough to hike on.

I went through my backpacking equipment last night and packed it.  Determining what clothes to bring is challenging because I want to be warm enough and don't want to carry excess weight. I have 2 long sleeve running shirts, a thicker but still lightweight running shirt, a lightweight shirt and a camisole.  In addition I also have rain jacket, rain pants, long underwear, hat and gloves (yes, I found those along with my socks too).

Although the weather forecast shows rain for Phantom Ranch (which is at the bottom of the canyon), it isn't cold enough for snow.  Tomorrow I'll see what is shown for Saturday night.

It looks like today is probably the end of the Sesame Street Google Doodles.  I never did see snufalufgus.


Croughwell said...

I hope you foot feels better and have fun at the grand canyon!

Lisa said...

Be careful with your foot! Mine were aching for the last month of my marathon training and then I fractured the right one during the race (finished though!) and am wearing a boot. I hope yours feels better soon so you don't miss too many runs! Enjoy the Grand Canyon, it's so beautiful!