Monday, November 30, 2009

Monthly Wrap-Up

November was a good running month.  Even though my ankle is still creaky, I'm running well and for the most part have had good long runs.  My confidence was down much of the month but I had a great race on Thanksgiving and a great long run on Saturday.  My IT band and foot ached following the long run but overall it was a great run.

The month of November I ran 3 races (one double header) and got PR's in both 10K's that I ran.  It is awesome to be getting PR's.  Now I need to remain healthy, continue to train and run a marathon in January or February (yes, I still haven't picked one) and qualify for Boston.  In two weeks I'm running the Tucson half marathon and have my concerns about the downhill course and my IT band.  However, I'm hoping since I've run the 10K's so well, that a PR for the half marathon will happen.

I have gotten lazy on my off days and haven't rode my much bike.  With the holidays and extra projects, I think I'll continue to be ok with taking days completely off.  I didn't log my hiking miles in the Grand Canyon but that was an accomplishment in November as well.

I've run 897 miles in 2009 and only have 103 miles to run in 5 weeks.  At 20 miles a week, this is very achievable and I'm starting to watch it much closer as I near the end of the year.

Happy Running!


Croughwell said...

Great job on all your running!

LookingUpAgain said...

Wow! You are so impressive!You've put more miles on your shoes than I think I've put on my car :)

Jill said...

I found your blog and enjoy reading your journey. Impressive stats for sure. I look forward to many more miles.

joyRuN said...

Those are some speedy miles you've got logged in Nov. Nice!